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The Story Of Molly

Our great-grandmother Molly MacPherson led a wayward life in Scotland. She married young, however, her husband was tragically killed and she was left alone to raise her only child – Bernice. They traveled west in the late 1890’s to start a new life in Nova Scotia where Molly opened a pub. Our grandmother, Bernice (a.k.a. Bunny), proud of her Scottish history, continued her family’s tradition in New England and passed down traditional Scottish recipes to me, her granddaughter.

I am proud of my Scottish heritage and with my husband Daniel we decided to open our own pub in tribute to Molly, Bernice and the Scottish culture. We hope you gain an appreciation for Scotland while you visit our Pubs.


Debbie & Daniel

The MacPherson Clan

The armorial badge of the MacPherson clan embodies the crest of the Chief’s Coat of Arms with a wildcat encircled by a strap and buckle bearing the motto: “Touch not the cat but a glove (in Gaelic, “Na bean don chat gun lamhainn”). 

The motto’s meaning is: Touch not the cat (when it is) without a glove. The glove of the wildcat is the soft, under part of his paw, and when assuming a war-like attitude, the paw is spread or “ungloved”, revealing very dangerous claws. 

The motto is a warning to those who would be so imprudent as to engage in battle when the claw of the wildcat is ungloved.